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In terms of artists, I think Nas, Eminem and Wiley are my biggest inspirations.Their talent combined with their honesty always challenges me to make the best music I can." "I think there are so many talented up and coming artists at the moment, especially in the UK. She's so talented and passionate about music, and life in general, and that just made it really fun to work with her.So ladies can boost their attractiveness by chuckling a bit more.And guys, you can garner more attention by learning how to make women laugh.This year the Daily News has dropped the Sexy moniker, although I would still call all the winners sexy for sure.


Let's examine some of the side effects of being single for a long period of time: • Become reclusive - Most persons prefer to socialise with company so someone who is single for a while may lose their friends to marriage and end up spending much of their time alone, eventually getting to the point where they just stay home, only leaving for work and back.The 14th year Annual Singles formerly Philly Daily News Sexy Singles Party, was held last week at Union Trust.The lineup this year included everyone from from your co-workers, fitness experts, to local radio and TV personalities.Check out this article in the Phila Tribune about their recent milestone Meisha Johnson, Melony Roy and Dr.

Jen Caudle Lauren Simmonds, Jenice Armstrong – the genius behind the creation of Single Party and Christina Cleery Jeniece Armstrong, Cherri Gregg and Monica Burch Robert Hicks and Dr.

I got to drive a classic BMW all day, so I was happy!


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