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Almost half of men admit to trimming or shaving their leg hair - an eyebrow raising admission, even for a generation of spornosexual manscapers.

Male hair trimming that rarely concerns body hair south of the border, unless you’re a professional swimmer or cyclist - but these days average Joes everywhere are taking razors to their hairy pins.

This, in combination with the light touch and hot breath, in a slow, disciplined movement, should elicit writhing, squealing, and giggling.

The 27-year-old actress is featured in a sexy spread in December’s Elle, where she also discusses coping with the tragic death of her co-star boyfriend, Cory Monteith (below), 31, who overdosed in July on a toxic mix of heroin and other drugs in his hotel room.

That’s more than half the women surveyed that responded to legscaping positively, but it’s a divisive subject.

One Reddit poll which proposed the same question proved that while the number of men seeking leg hair removal is rising, some women just don’t like it.

Born and raised in Camarillo, California, she is the daughter of Layne Ann and Gary Carmine Cuoco.

She has Italian descent from his father side while English and German ancestry from her mother side.


Hailey Baldwin, who is rumored to be dating singer Justin Bieber, showed off her long, delicious-looking gams at the inauguration party for Fendi's New York flagship boutique, rocking a very short Marc Jacobs dress.Tegye meg megrendelését telefonon vagy e-mailben és ne törődjön a szállítással járó teendőkkel. Csatlakozzón Chocolate Brown Csokiszolárium Hálózatunkhoz! Truth be told, gentlemen, this rarely happens, mainly because most guys don't know where to focus their attention. WITH YOUR MOUTHExhale forcefully so she can feel warm air on her legs.


Nuzzle with your lips and nose, moving excruciatingly slowly from the ankles up as you hold her calves in your hands.

The 18-year-old daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin reportedly met up after the Fendi event, which was held during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Fendi Madison Avenue in NYC.


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