Namastea dating

This project places an emphasis on research and cooperation, establishing a collaborative framework for human resource development through training and upgrading the skills of junior faculty staff.


Using my 20 years of experience as a therapist, I use my expertise in psychology and relationships to help you become confident and empowered in your quest for love, so you can stop repeating unhealthy patterns that keep you single and heartbroken.

Cleaning is one of the many things we're very passionate about, but be careful, we'll name our first-born Pine-Sol if you let us.


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    A few days ago, as an American friend of mine was telling me all about her new boyfriend and how he had asked her out with flowers, I realized how different courtship and dating is for teens in France and the US. Americans go on formal dates; we keep things secret. The word “date” has no equivalent in French, and it’s simply because we don’t go on them.

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    Prepaid phones usually consist of simple cell phones or normal feature phones, so we're always pleasantly surprised when a smartphone is made available for prepaid carriers.

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