Real live livingroom cam

It was late February, during the final polar vortex in Pennsylvania, while still missing one of our roosters, who'd fallen victim to a fox attack several weeks earlier, when I popped my head in on my younger free-range flock.

Startled, I jumped back when I saw what I thought was a tiny mouse wobbling toward the feeder.

The window and doorway into the room are in the same spots, though (you can’t see it in the photo below, but there’s an opening to the right of the refrigerator on the show): The listing says, “Sophistication, charm and attention to detail best describe this classic two-story, traditional home in a beautiful neighborhood with mature trees in coveted Cheviot Hills.

You’ll appreciate the craftsmanship in the crown molding and rich mahogany hardwood floors throughout.”Asking price is for .35 million. For more photos and information, check the Coldwell Banker listing, Realty Today, the Wall Street Journal, Redfin, and the LA Times.

The first annual Pan African Festival will celebrate the presence, resilience, strength and influence of Pan Africans in Oregon.

In all of our Smart TVs we employ industry-standard security safeguards and practices, including data encryption, to secure consumers' personal information and prevent unauthorized collection or use."But what might be authorized and by whom?Rodale The cyclical nature of life is perhaps nowhere more apparent than on a farm.


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