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Read more Fun loving, loves reading, watching movies, traveling. Artistic in nature - inborn talent and passion for interior decoration, art and color coordinati... I have lived in Edinburgh, San Francisco, LA, Chicago and enjoy exploring new places. Read more Aseem Puri parents sent request to Sonia Arora parents. Presently they are engaged and wedding date is yet to decided.Read more I am a fun, intelligent, out-going, laid back and adventurous girl who loves spending time with my family and friends. My parents still live in Mumbai while I am based in US. Traveling, good food n wine, outdoor/sports (hiking, gym, bowling, et... Looking for god fearing and loving girl living in USA. Parents spoke over phone and then they decided to meet. I, Amarbir Singh, approached Sharanjit Kaur in mid-march of 2016, and we started talking and got to know each other better.I'm from Atlanta, went to graduate school in Boston and live in NYC, working in h... We shared many common interests, Sikhi being the most important. I was born and brought up in Bangalore with a moderate upbringing.It’s connubial bliss for a 21st-century India, where, by some estimates, 90 percent of marriages still classify as “arranged”—in other words, established on factors other than mutual love and attraction between the bride and groom.

Call it anthropological curiosity; call it a metric of my own narcissism.

When you register on the matchmaking site, you will be required to sign up with a phone number.


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