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There she met her future husband, Milad Jafari, at a youth camp.

He also came to Australia by boat from Iran with his family; however, he was granted refugee status."From that moment, I saw her eyes, I went 'this is it'. I was like 'wow'," Mr Jafari said."We were so happy before all these things happened."Mr Jafari and Ms Shamsalipoor both attended Yeronga State High School in Brisbane's south, where she studied Year 12.

Telegram reportedly has approximately 20 million monthly active users (MAUs) in the nation, which represents about 25% of the population.

The app has surged in popularity in the last 18 months thanks to its high security level for users through end-to-end encryption for all messages sent through the app.

Ms Shamsalipoor claimed she would risk torture or even death if she returned to Iran, and she has no intention of going back.

Under an international agreement, Iran refuses to accept the involuntary return of asylum seekers, further complicating the situation.

Mr Dutton's office this week told Australian Story that the minister had nothing further to add to his previous statements on Ms Shamsalipoor's case."Ms Shamsalipoor arrived illegally in Australia on a people smuggler's boat in 2012 and sought to claim protection as a refugee," he said in a statement to the program in July last year."Her claims were thoroughly assessed by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection which found she did not engage Australia's protection obligations." Ms Shamsalipoor made the hazardous journey by boat and arrived at Christmas Island in 2012.

She applied for refugee status and while it was processed she was allowed out into community detention in Brisbane.

This ruling could have a profound effect on apps such as Whats App and Telegram, which are growing in popularity in the nation.

Despite this growth, the Iranian government arrested administrators of 20 groups on Telegram in November 2015 for spreading what it considered immoral content.

Encryption on messaging apps continues to be a much-discussed issue, as Whats App, i Message, and Allo (Google's new chat app) have all added end-to-end encryption support.

As messaging apps grow in popularity, so too does the demand for user security.


End-to-end encryption blocks access to the content of messages for everyone except the parties involved in the chat.

If the visa, which has already been renewed once, is not renewed again Ms Shamsalipoor faces the threat of being sent back to detention."It's really stressful to not know what will happen, so on March 21 we are hoping that it will be a good decision for us and it will be a happy ending," Ms Shamsalipoor told Australian Story.


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