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But can the three founders succeed in putting action before 'faffing' and principles before politicking?

Nick Duerden meets them in their makeshift HQ to set the agenda over sushi It's lunchtime on a curiously balmy winter's day, and the three women on whose collective impetus the Women's Equality Party thrives are sitting in an ad hoc boardroom in their London Bridge HQ as, directly outside the window, the to Charing Cross rattles by.

Dublin Airport was the 15th busiest in Europe in the first half of 2017, handling 13.8 million passengers, according to new figures released by the European arm of Airports Council International (ACI).

Toksvig, midway through an Itsu lunch, is explaining how 2015 took an unlikely, if ultimately inevitable, sharp turn for the three of them – her, the writer Catherine Mayer and the journalist Sophie Walker – when they suddenly found themselves fronting a new political party.


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