Updating android phone

Step 1: First, the Android update hits Korea When a new version of Android is launched, Google’s Nexus devices are the first to get updated.

Initially, the software isn’t optimized for our Samsung devices.


To be fair, Verizon justifies its stance by saying that it'll need some of this data in order to make on-demand services work.

But the EFF spent a little time staring at App Flash's privacy policy, where it's revealed that the software will vacuum up any and all of your private data.

For instance, it'll snag your cell number, device type, operating system and the apps or services that you use.

I've talked a lot about the Android update process and how to handle it correctly, but I'm always surprised to find that not everyone listens when I talk.

So I'll try again: if you want to enjoy a perfect Android update experience without any of the usual problems, follow these steps.

These will serve as handy reminders that you can use to set up your phone back how you like it.



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