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He is a mechanical engineer, but more important: naturally entrepreneur.

[email protected] Minh Khoa – CGI miracle mind Doan is the Creative Director of our design studio Alpha ID – Yucon VR in Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam.

When your device is set to private, the camera and microphone are completely off.

To Watch Live, Canary needs to be in a mode that's setup to record video.

is compatible with both, Win, Os, Linux, Android and i OS devices.

If you do not believe us or these proof images published here, you can try to download this for FREE and you will see yourself.

Our main design studio is located in Ho Chi Min City, Viet Nam.Yucon VR is the specialist in the field of professional 3D-visualizations, in short CGI, for the real estate industry. We work for real estate developpers, asset managers & investors, agents, architects and housing associations.Yucon VR is founded in 2001 by Dutch engineer Daan Veldmaat.If you have any suggestions you may email us at [email protected] A number of people meet for online chat during the day and night.

No one will ever know your email address unless you give it to them.Hi I'm running windows 7 and currently I cannot get pictures to show as thumbnails.


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